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  • Service: Solar Energy Advice, Survey, Supply & Installation
  • Pewithall School received £40,000
  • Annual generation of 15 MWh of green electricity per year
  • Predicted to save 16 tonnes of CO2 per annum, equivalent to 688 trees being planted
  • 70% reduction in energy costs, equating to £8400 per year*


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Pewithall School, Runcorn was given a £40,000 grant for energy efficiency. As part of the school’s ambitious target to cut carbon emissions and reduce their running costs, Headteacher David Burgh decided that solar panels which use energy generated by the sun would enable to school to become more energy efficient, whilst reducing their energy bills at the same time.



Pewithall School received £40,000 as part of a £500m government grant to support schools and colleges with energy efficiency upgrades.

Having previously accessed funding for the installation of LED lighting which Venture Electrical supplied and installed as part of a process to cut running costs, Pewithall School awarded Venture the solar contract following a competitive tender.


Venture Electrical spent several days surveying the site, creating designs, costings, savings projection and arranged a structural survey to ensure the roof was suitable for solar panels.

Installation began in May 2023. The project took 2 weeks in total, from being awarded the contract to completing the installation.
The project involved fitting 48 x 425Watt Solar Panels, generating 16,108 kWh of clean energy per annum.



“The knowledge that Venture Electrical has is extensive. From a school business perspective, I don’t have a school business manager, so they were able to guide me to an option that delivered the optimal cost benefit.

Venture Electrical has a lot of experience working with schools and were able to draw on this experience to deliver a service, price and billing model that worked for us, that other suppliers have not been able to match in the past.”
David Baugh, Headteacher


  • Annual generation of 15 MWh of green electricity per year
  • Predicted to save 16 tonnes of CO2 per annum, equivalent to 688 trees being planted
  • 70% reduction in energy costs, equating to £8400 per year*
  • Payback period of just under 5 years


On average, the school is using an impressive 90% of the clean energy generated. These estimated figures are based on October 2023 energy prices.



The benefits of solar have had a far-reaching impact on Pewithall School and its pupils.



The school solar installation inspired pupils to create an eco-committee who look at ways that the school, its staff and pupils can become more sustainable. The committee calculate and track how much the school has reducing its carbon footprint and share this with the whole school during assemblies.



Pewithall School has redeployed the money being saved on energy bills into social and emotional support for pupils through the provision of additional Teaching Assistants to manage interventions.

Venture Electrical is very proud to have delivered a project that is making a positive impact on Pewithall School and its community and helping pupils to learn more about the vital issue of environmental sustainability.

The reward for us is not only reducing carbon emissions, but also the pupil learning and wellbeing benefits that has come from this project.



“The Solar PV project at Pewithall School stands as a testament to the transformative power of renewable energy initiatives. It not only champions environmental sustainability but also nurtures a generation of conscious and empowered young minds. As the sun continues to power Pewithall School, its impact radiates far beyond the confines of its walls, inspiring communities to embrace a greener and more sustainable future.

Kieran Steel, Managing Director
Venture Electrical




Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Carry out a roof survey - One of our experienced electricians will attend site and measure your domestic or commercial roof space and go through your requirements
  • 2. Create an accurate 3D design - We accurately construct a 3D design of your proposed system so you can see what it will look like installed.
  • 3. Provide quote - Once you are happy with the design will provide you with a detailed quote and a full breakdown of the potential power created along with any SEG payments you may receive
  • 4. Installation - We will install your solar system in accordance with MCS guidelines and once completed we will commission and walkthrough your system with you clearly explaining all the features

It all depends on your roof space but a typical domestic system can take between 6 - 14 panels. We would always recommend a site survey to accurately calculate this.

This all depends on how much energy you use and how much you get charged per kW for your electricity. We would recommend providing your electricity bills when looking for an accurate cost analysis

Typically solar panels last up to 25 years however there are some that last at least 30 years.

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Using an MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) accredited installer offers several benefits. Firstly, it ensures that the installer has undergone rigorous training and assessment, demonstrating their competence and knowledge in the installation of renewable energy technologies. This means that you can be confident that the installation will be carried out to a high standard and will comply with all relevant regulations and safety requirements. Additionally, using an MCS accredited installer may make you eligible for financial incentives such as the SEG (smart export guarantee). Finally, choosing an MCS accredited installer can provide peace of mind as the scheme requires installers to offer insurance-backed guarantees on their workmanship and products, providing protection for the customer in the unlikely event of any issues arising.


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